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BIS relies heavily on the strong foundation of a caring and connected community.

We are a parent-run school and we have benefited immensely from how invested the parents are in the education of the children. It is a partnership that has stood the test of time. The legacy of BIS is the relationships that we have built and the values that we can inculcate in our students. It is highly a culture of delivery through demonstration. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we have been able to demonstrate more personal attention to every child at BIS. This is also one of the reasons why we strive to deliberately manage the size of our community.

Our goal is Providing education for life – Empowering students with skills (academic and non-academic), know-how (technological and otherwise), and values (integrity, humility, empathy, compassion, etc.) that prepares them for professional success and makes them responsible, caring, and connected global citizens.

We see ourselves becoming one of the best International Schools with students who are not only aware of the global scenarios and issues but are active contributors to the solving of these issues. Our children learn to take responsibility for their education and we have consistently empowered them to have a say in their education. We still have miles to go and together, we will foray into the future…. We aspire to have structured, deeply focused, and well-defined growth